We are closing in on the sales closing deadline of March 15th.  All crops, options, and coverage levels must be selected by this date.  Important to note that if we do not have current production for 2023 that we cannot guarantee accuracy of quotes or coverage.  So please make sure to get the remaining production into your agent asap so that we all can make informed decisions for 2024.


Winter Wheat Inspections🌾

The agency must also know if you planted winter wheat last fall.  For those that did please call the office prior to March 15th.  We need to have a signed form sent to the company requesting a spring inspection prior to March 15th.


ARC/PLC elections at County FSA📅

These elections can be made by county by crop and be changed each year.  If you have not made your elections for 2024, they will default to prior year elections.  If you would like some guidance on which election to make, please reach out to your agent for assistance.


ERP (Emergency Relief Program) 2022💻

Today March 7th at 2:00 PM Laura Heinrich from Farm Service Agency and Ron Haugen from NDSU extension will be hosting a free webinar on the program.  This is a complicated program and worth listening to.  You will have to register for the meeting, upon doing that you will get a link to the meeting. ➡️ Click Here to register!


I hope everyone has a safe and successful planting season, we shall see you in the field!