Revenue Loss Assistance: This program is now open, and applications have either been mailed to you from FSA or are available to download to your computer.  This program currently does not have a deadline date but would be awesome if we wrapped it up before we hit the field.

Emergency Relief Program 2022 (ERP) will provide payments to eligible crop producers for losses due to qualifying disaster events which occurred in calendar year 2022, following a two-Track process:


  • Track 1 leverages existing Federal Crop Insurance or Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) data as the basis for calculating initial payments.


  • Track 2 will assist producers for other eligible crop and tree losses through a revenue-based approach.
    • In Track 2, producers can choose between the Tax Year option or Expected Revenue option.
      • If you choose the Tax Year option, you will choose a benchmark year either 2018-19 and compare against 2022-23. This is the cliff notes, but it will involve your accountant at some point for allowable and disallowable income.
      • If you choose the Expected Revenue option, this has two parts as well.


The parts we can fill out for you are:

Planted and Prevented acres by crop for 2022

Expected Price Component: (Expected Rev Option)

  • We are using spring prices for 2022 crop insurance unless producers provide higher contracts to use.

Expected Yield Component: (Expected Rev Option)

  • We are using a simple average of your 2022 planted units unless you provide another direction.

Indemnities received on 2022 crops-Premiums paid.

Indemnities received for private products such as hail.


  1. Any NAP Payments received from FSA.
  2. Any ARC/PLC Payments received from USDA.
  3. Value of any unsold crop from 2022.
  4. Value of any uninsured crop from 2022 (such as hay, alfalfa, corn for silage etc).
  5. Total sales of all crops for 2022

Options you choose to apply for:

  • Take our pre-filled application and fill out the sales portion yourself, in which case, we can email you the application we have started for you.
  • Call the office and make an appointment with an underwriter once you have gathered the necessary information, and we can fill it out for you.
  • Fill out everything on your own.


Revenue Loss Assistance_ ERP2


Whichever method you choose, we are here to help facilitate your application process to make it as smooth as possible. Keep in mind that this is an FSA program and not a crop insurance program and we are just helping facilitate!

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