Dry Bean revenue prices finalized.


The biggest variety to watch is navy beans with a $.08 cent drop or 20.51% price drop.  This will certainly generate losses on a revenue basis.  Which means even if you had a good crop of beans on a pound basis it is worth looking at your guarantee on a revenue basis.  For example, if your guarantee is 1500 lbs based off the $0.39 price you may now grow 1,887 pounds to have the same guarantee.

We have about 50% of production reported and are still finding losses on reports sent in.  It is vitally important that we have your production report in order for us to ensure that any losses are reported in a timely manner and paid.  We have passed the dates for small grains and the last day to report a revenue claim on corn and soybeans is today 1/15/2024

If you have not done so, please report production ASAP