Just a reminder that the Fargo office has moved! Our new address is 5650 34th Ave S, Suite #200.  We plan on being in our new space October 1st. Please look for our Grand Opening announcement.


Fall crops sales closing

Rye: The sales closing date for Fall seeded Rye is 9/30/2023. This means if you do not have a Fall policy for Rye, we need an application signed by 9/30/2023 to insure it for 2024. If you currently have a rye policy, we will need maps, acres seeded, and date planted to properly insure your acres. 

Alfalfa: The sales closing date for Alfalfa is 9/30/2023.  In order to insure your forage, crop we will need a signed application by 9/30/2023.   

Winter Wheat: If you have seeded winter wheat, please let the office know as soon as possible so we may put you on a list for spring inspection. 




Unfortunately, claims due have a window of opportunity to be turned in. All crops need to be reported no later than the end of harvest or the designated end of insurance period whichever is earlier. 

  • Wheat (other small grains) – October 31st 
  • Soybeans – December 10th 
  • Corn – December 10th 



Please remember to keep production separate by unit. If you have last year’s crop in the bins and plan to put these years on top, please call to have an adjuster measure the bin prior to mixing. 



MPCI Premium is due with no interest Dec 1st. Any premiums paid after this date will be charged interest back to August 15th! Please allow enough time for mail to arrive before the 1st. 


As always please contact your agent with all questions!