Analogies are never enough to explain how fast the summer goes and how short the agricultural window has become!  All of our acreage has been reported and we are swiftly processing the reports.  The southeast was unfortunate to have ample prevent plant, which they were closely followed by Barnes and Steele counties.  We have had reports of winter wheat coming off, but the reports are simply “Not good”.  They did not offer any bushels or quality.  By all accounts it appears that the later the spring wheat the better the crop, at least this year.  The determining factors were the early heat and wind.  I have heard the small grains are going to be below average taking into account all of our regions.  Soybeans have had an interesting growing season with a lot of them lying in dry dirt and emerging later causing uneven fields up and down the state.  We will need a favorable frost not too early and not too late to make harvest tolerable.  The good news is that all accounts as of today show above average soybean potential.   Our corn crop looks amazing though-out the countryside.  Of course, there are pockets of extreme drought and pockets of extreme wetness!  Only in North Dakota!  No matter the location no one would turn the rain away!

Just a quick lay of the land as well as a reminder for Cash Hail Discount that is due 8-15-2023.

Adding Hail Coverage:  Simply call your agent and request an increase in coverage.  We are allowed to bind coverage 2 hours prior to a hail event.  This means the agent has to take the order and enter it into the system 2 hours prior to an event.

Cash Hail Discount:  Regardless of which company the agency has placed you with for 2023 the cash discount of 5% has to be received by the issuing company no later than August 15thPLEASE ALLOW AMPLE TIME FOR MAILING. If you have not received a billing statement and wish to pay cash, please contact the office as soon as possible to get your balance.  We are still processing acreage reports at this time but will make cash hail payments a priority.