February is Children’s Dental Health Month, and we’re emphasizing the significance of oral care right from the start. Empower your family-based clients with this helpful information as they lay the foundation for their kids’ oral health.



A journey through children’s dental health

Prenatal Care

  • Baby’s teeth begin forming in the womb around week 5. The mother’s health can affect the baby’s dental development. A balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamins, with regular dentist visits will help.


Babies and Infants

  • Baby teeth typically begin to appear around 6-12 months. These eventually fall out but are vital in setting a healthy foundation.


Tiny Teeth Toddlers

  • By age 3, most teeth have arrived (no more teething!). But now the battle for brushing begins. Good luck parents!


School Age

  • Around age 6, the Tooth Fairy arrives to collect those teeth that have fallen out. Brushing and flossing should be in full force at this age.



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