The first wave or ERP (Emergency Relief Program) applications have started to hit mailboxes nationwide, we wanted to make sure you have all the information possible regarding this funding. On November 1 we texted out the outline of how the program pays alongside the payment factors. The amount stated on your application is NOT the factored amount that you will receive. Please refer to our website and look under the blog for program highlights.

If you are a joint venture with your spouse, beginning farmer, veteran farmer or social disadvantaged you may be entitled to a premium reimbursement of your MPCI premium. You will need to have FSA form 860 on file with FSA to get this benefit. I have attached the link below for your convenience if you or your spouse qualify.

FSA Form 860

Link for FSA form 860

As I previously wrote, this program is far from perfect and not implemented in the spirit it was written, so for those reasons we have been making our case along with peers from across the nation to try and rectify some gross exclusions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact your agent for more details.

Friendly Reminders

· Premiums due December 1st

· Report Production immediately to ensure timely paid claims for production and revenue.

· Start thinking about 2024!


Happy Holidays!