Spring Price Harvest Price % Difference
Spring Wheat $9.19 $8.95 -1.03%
Durum Wheat $9.44 $9.19 -1.03%
Barley $5.35 $5.61 +4.86%

As small grain harvest is wrapping up across the region, we have seen some tremendous yields and of course some disappointing yields.  The usual culprits are lack of rain, too much early heat, compaction issues, or hail.

It is extremely important to report any POTENTIAL losses on these crops ASAP.  Our insurance providers at the direction of RMA have taken a hard stance on late reported claims.  If you think you are close to a loss, please call and report it ASAP. Nothing is worse than getting denied based on a timing issue.

If you have reported a loss; things to keep in mind before they show up to make things go smoothly:

  • Make sure you have a way to split your production by unit (even if enterprise) such as markings on the grain bin, grain cart weights, truck loads, etc.
  • If you hauled straight to town, make sure to include section numbers on the tickets and get final assembly sheets for the adjustor to cross reference the tickets.
  • There are reports of quality issues (ergot being the most common so far). If you have a possible quality issue, claim must be turned in right away. Samples must be taken within 60 days of harvest from the adjustor from the grain bin NOT ELEVATOR.
  • If you have Malt Barley Endorsement, make sure to send a sample to the maltster to make sure the quality is fine.


HAIL Deferrals

The agents are monitoring their hail deferrals on row crops but if your crop is ahead of schedule for maturing and is ready to settle, please let us know so we can get your claim wrapped up and paid.


Silage Chopping

For those of you chopping corn for silage please call your agent to schedule an appraisal on the acres being chopped.


We are here for all your questions and concerns. Please call our group of crop specialists for whatever questions or problems that may arise.