Fall Planted Crops

If you have intentions on seeding and insuring fall seeded crops that include but not limited to Rye, Winter Wheat, Forage.  Please call the office immediately, the sales closing deadline for these crops is September 30th.

Silage Appraisals

Chopping corn for other than intended usage (grain) needs to have an appraisal done in the field.  This will eliminate feed records or trying to measure a silage pile.  Please report number of acres and field description when you call the office so we can expedite the process.

Deferred Hail Claims

We are chewing our way through deferred hail claims.  Please let us know when you are ready for final appraisal so we can get the claim finalized and paid.

Production Claims

Starting to see some production claims coming in on dry beans with yields all over the board.  Remember to turn in all claims and potential claims during harvest. It is impossible to pay late filed claims.  Keep in mind, to keep production separate by unit as well.

Congressional update


For those of you that were unfairly disenfranchised over issues with the first phase of ERP mainly due to 2020 prevent plant, those new applications should all be out by now.  This fixes the prevent plant issue that used a cause of loss date in 2019.  Senator Hoeven’s office adapted our fix of using the notice of loss date instead of the cause of loss date.  This fix was proposed by Hoeven to undersecretary Bonnie and administrator Ducheneaux and ultimately used to data mine AIP’s for a relatively smooth outcome.  The ERP has now paid North Dakota farmers more than 1 billion.  There was also an appeals process that was adopted for the ERP issues.  This process should be used for anyone who feels that the data mining missed any payable losses and can be used for AGI issues.  The process as we understand it is to appeal to your local FSA county board, if approved from there it goes to the state board, then to D.C.  It sounds like if your case is approved at the county level it most likely gets approved up the food chain as well.  So those of you that hit AGI limits and have a case for 75% of your income comes from farming I would highly encourage you to appeal as soon as possible.

Senator Hoeven who is the ranking member of the senate appropriations and senior ag appropriations committed told reporters that an extension of the ERP to cover 2022 losses would be considered as part of the year end omnibus funding package.

Farm Bill Sessions

Our agency was asked to participate in a farm bill listening session.  This included groups from potato growers, sugar beet, pulse crop, livestock, lenders, farm bureau, farmers union, and of course insurance represented by us.  It was a great opportunity early on to see what the different groups wish to see in the farm bill as well as their concerns.  The meeting was moderated by Senator Hoeven with Guests Senator Boozeman, and ag commission Goehring.

Tonight, we were invited to an intimate dinner with Sen Hoeven and Sen Boozeman.  Very excited to represent our growers tonight!


As always please contact us for any and all questions.