From the President’s Desk: 2/4/23

Senate Bill 2134 – Was introduced by Senators Vedaa & Conley bases off of information from a constituent who was riding a motorcycle and was stung by a bee.  He was allergic to the bee sting and has been on a vendetta ever since. This bill was to prohibit the placement of a hive within a ¼ mile from the nearest edge of a roadway within the county road system as provided for in the state system or federal highway. I am happy to tell you that this bill was killed this past week with only two senators voting yes.  The two which sponsored the bill were the only yes votes.


House Bill 1371 – Was introduced by representatives Thomas, Anderson, Fisher, Hagert, Headland, and Lefor.  This bill is to amend the North Dakota Century Code, relating to agricultural definitions, ownership exceptions for beekeeping, agricultural support services, cattle backgrounding, and feedlot operations, and raising or producing of livestock by persons that have limited landholdings.

They are defining “beekeeping” as the breeding or rearing of bee colonies or the owning, maintenance, or management of bee apiaries. They further define Beekeeping in subsection 7b with regards to farming and ranching that beekeeping does not qualify.

I am not sure as to why the need for updated definitions but I will keep you informed as best as I can.  As always if you have any questions or concerns please reach out.