I want to emphasize the importance of this alert.

Senator Hoeven is being challenged by a republican for the nomination for US Senator.  The challenger is Rick Becker, all I will say about Rick is that he is 100% against crop insurance and agriculture in general.  Feel free to google his views on your own, but for this alert I will only discuss this one stance.  Rick has formulated a devious plan within the districts and has quite frankly taken everyone off guard.  He is packing district meetings with supporters and has been gaining momentum.  It goes without saying that North Dakota runs on Agriculture, there isn’t a business in this state that does not benefit from agriculture policy.  We cannot stand idle and must act.  I do not sway politics as a rule but the choice is clear – A ranking senator (who will be in the majority), on the appropriations committee, chairs Indian affairs, and sits on ag committee vs. a state legislature who is against all crop insurance and safety nets for farmers.



Please make it to your district meetings and support the candidate that supports agriculture.  If you cannot make it to your district meeting but still want to help, we will need delegates in Bismarck on April 2nd.  Please email me directly and I will put you in touch with Senator Hoeven’s State team, who will walk you through the process of supporting agriculture.


Senator Hoeven is planning on attending in person @ Fort Ransom, Mayville & Maddock.



If you have not already, you must register and pay party dues at ndgop.org, and then fees for the state convention are $85.00 – A small price to pay for our ad hoc disaster payments, rural broadband, and our safety support in crop insurance.

If your district has already had their meeting, do not feel like you’ve missed your opportunity – A lot of times the districts need to still fill their delegates for April 2nd, and we can put you in touch with them to make sure that happens.


Contact me at tyler@valleycropins.com for any questions or directions.

Contact andrew@hoevenforsenate.com to let him know you are willing to help.