We have been fielding a lot of phone calls in the past 2 weeks on quality issues in smalls grains with the ongoing harvest.  The main issues we are seeing in wheat is low test weight, high VOM and falling numbers.  All of these issues have a loss chart that applies discounts depending on the severity of the  quality issues except VOM.  VOM is different, that when sold it becomes a reduction in value (RIV) based on the discounts the elevator takes.  In almost all cases the VOM discounts allowed by crop insurance are substantially higher than the elevator.  In all cases with quality in wheat, you have 60 days after the end of the insurance period (harvest) to get any grain in storage tested for quality to have applicable discounts apply.

For barley we are hearing some issues regarding VOM and sprout damage.  Barley is handled differently depending on whether you have the malt endorsement or not.

For companies to use samples, they must be pulled by a disinterested third party and having an adjuster do it is a fool proof way to make sure the samples are taken correctly and can be used if we have a quality loss.

If you are experiencing any of these quality issues please call the office as soon as possible.