One for the records book; we experienced a Tornado warning in SE North Dakota, Snowstorm in Western ND, Torrential rain in Central ND, and sunshine in other parts of ND! Like the old timers say wait an hour and the weather will change!

Prevent Plant:

We are fast approaching the final plant date for corn in most of the counties we insure.  We either have a May 25th final plant date or May 31st.

In the event you are prevented from planting the insured crop, please notify your agent or the agency within 72 hours after:

  • You determine you will not be able to plant the insured crop within any applicable late planting period.
  • You determine you do not intend to plant the insured crop during the late planting period.
  • The late planting period consists of 25 days after the final plant date.  You will lose 1% of coverage for each day you plant past the final plant date.



All replants must be approved by an adjuster prior to replanting in order to get paid.

In either case of Prevent plant or replant acreage it is better to report the loss and withdraw the loss instead of never reporting it.

Please report any possible losses ASAP.


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