Plant in the dust, and your bins will bust.”

We have had a lot of wheat planted in the southeast and northeast valley, with the earliest reported plant date of 3/27/2021 so far. Progress has been made toward the middle of the state along with some tillage. In the western part of the state, we do have some plantings going on, but a lot of insureds are waiting for moisture.

Prevent plant coverage that pays in times of excess moisture does in fact also pay in times for lack of moisture.

Some key points of interest for prevent plant coverage in times of no moisture:

  • The acreage must be located in an area where the US Drought Monitor is a D2 or greater.
  • Insufficient moisture conditions existed on the final plant date or within the late planting period.
  • Acreage must be located in an area where other farmers have the same characteristics of PP.


This is broken down in general terms, but I have attached the complete Prevent Plant Drought language if you would like to read further. Click the link below to view.

PP Drought Handbook


If you click the link below, I have also attached the US Drought map showing most of the western part of the state in a D3, the Red River Valley in D2 and the SE in a D1.

ND Drought Map – April 6th


We are a long ways a way from our first final plant date, and I suspect a lot of this will change for the better.

What I want you to take away from this, is that there is indeed coverage available in the event things do not get better. 

We will continue to monitor the situation, and in the event we need to trigger this loss, our office will be ready.  As always, if you have questions regarding this alert please contact you agent at your earliest convenience.