Insurance Claims

These are some factors (not all) that Heritage Agents will assess in determining which of our companies fits your risk management needs. We will then shop the price to ensure the best fit within those companies.

General Information:

Your insurance coverage is designed to protect you from financial burden. Many losses, regardless of their nature, are handled more efficiently and favorably when you have taken steps to document both the events causing the loss as well as the details and costs associated with property damaged as a result of the loss. All available information and estimates can be essential to favorable settlements and it is advisable that they be compiled immediately after a loss.

In the event of a property loss:

  1. Take all reasonable steps to protect the property from further damage 
  2. If a crime is involved, contact police immediately and do not disturb physical evidence 
  3. Report incident to Heritage Insurance as soon as possible 
  4. Begin reviewing property that is damaged and document items destroyed or missing 
  5. Compile repair bills and estimates for the company

In the event of a liability loss:

  1. If the accident involves bodily injury, contact emergency medical providers 
  2. Take precautions to ensure that the scene of the accident is safe
  3. Obtain name, address, and phone number of insured person 
  4. If incident results in property damage, document property damaged, owner of property, and extent of damage
  5. Gather names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses 
  6. Report incident to Heritage Insurance as soon as possible
  7. If the incident results in serious injury or death, contact our office immediately!

In the event of an automobile loss:

  1. Take precautions to ensure that the scene of the accident is safe
  2. Seek medical assistance if necessary
  3. Report accident to proper authorities
  4. Be courteous, cooperate with authorities, and give identifying information to other parties involved. MAKE NO STATEMENTS ABOUT ASSUMING RESPONSIBILITY.
  5. Report accident to our office as soon as possible

At any time following a loss, please contact us at Heritage Insurance and we will be happy to assist you in handling your claim.